Go Little One Go Bamboo Top Long Sleeve

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Comfortable bamboo baby long sleeve top. Typically fits 5-15 months.

Anti-Slip Safety Grips

Go Little One Go's innovative anti-slip safety grips are strategically placed on the knees. Their starry grips provide an extra layer of supportive traction for little ones as they begin to explore their world on often slippery surfaces like hardwood and tile found in most homes.


Grow With Me Sizing

Go Little One Go's one size “grow with me” leisurewear will fit comfortably and securely, but are also designed to stretch and move along with your active Little One. Ankle cuffs can be rolled up or left down to help fit different sizing and body lengths and will also leave enough wiggle room for growing tots.  Each of our pieces has been designed for the typical crawling stage, ranging between 5-15 months.



Each piece is made from high quality, naturally soft bamboo fabric; a uniquely breathable material that wicks moisture away from the body – keeping your baby cool and dry in the summer and warm and cozy in the winter.  Bamboo is also allergen-free, anti-bacterial and not treated with pesticides which means your baby’s delicate skin is in safe hands.



Go Little One Go is deeply committed to running their business to the highest ethical standards and as eco-friendly as possible –  and to partnering only with manufacturers and suppliers who maintain the highest labour and sourcing certifications.

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